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The management:
François Salaün CEO
(in the foreground)

Philippe Desfray VP R&D
(in the right)

Patrick Linsmeier 
Financial Director (in the left)

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Globally renowned specialist in object technologies and software components for more than 10 years, voting member of the OMG (Object Management Group, the international reference organization for standardization of object technologies), SOFTEAM has built a unique products and services offering for accompanying IT Management in the integration of the new software architectures.

This global offering consists of:

  • high level expertise circulated by Consulting and Training,
  •  design and development of applications with the development team, either outsourced or on fixed price contracts,
  • software engineering with the product Objecteering/UML, a modeling workshop and application generator, distributed henceforth by the dedicated subsidiary, Objecteering Software.

Guided by one of the best world experts in objects, SOFTEAM constantly invests in R&D in order to create innovative solutions destined to bring products and services to the market, reduce the costs of development and maximize returns on the investments of its clients. SOFTEAM intervenes in the most important projects in the sectors of Banking, Insurance, Finance, Telecommunications, Services, Defense, ...

Growing stronger every year, Softeam really is the best partner for the successful implementation of new technologies at the heart of your projects.

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