Making your projects a success !

7 Reasons to Join SOFTEAM Cadextan

1. We love what we do

SOFTEAM Cadextan employees share a desire to go the extra mile. A desire which brings real added value to our clients and which is given a chance to shine internally.


2. We work with the best and brightest

Our people excel in their fields, serving clients in complex, strategic projects that require deep understanding of regulatory frameworks and trading systems. They are also active contributors to the larger technology community as speakers at Devoxx and within our partnerships with Red Hat, Exalead, MongoDB and Microsoft.


3. No one knows financial services better

Join our 500+ people working on front, middle and back office  applications in the major investment banks, clearinghouses, and asset managers on equities, options, interest rate product, forex, commodities and risk management.


4. Innovation is our middle name

As a member of The Object Management Group and The Open Group, contributor to UML, and pioneer in SOA and MDA, SOFTEAM Cadextan is at the forefront of technological progress. Add to this our know-how in Big Data and digital technology, and you have a company which is one step ahead of the rest.


5. We are greater than the sum of our parts

Teamwork is in our DNA. With experts from all horizons and of over 35 nationalities, we form a rich, diverse and multi-talented team.


6. We want to help you grow

Because SOFTEAM Cadextan is a company founded by technology professionals for technology professionals, your career development is central to how we operate. Whether you want to delve deeper into specific technologies and industries, or switch tracks from business analysis to project management, we are here to help.


7. Because you never stop learning

We pride ourselves on providing ample opportunities for our professionals to learn and grow. Expand your technical, financial, and project management skills at SOFTEAM Cadextan University and share your experience and learn from others at our numerous Centre of Excellence events.